Organic Lawn Fertilizer

When some people hear “organic fertilizer”, they might think that it won’t work as well as a chemical fertilizer.  That couldn’t be further from the truth!

The problem with synthetic fertilizers, is that they only feed the grass directly.  They do nothing to improve the soil.  So over time, even though you continue to put down fertilizer, your soil quality continues to degrade.  Eventually, your grass will weaken as a result.  You will find yourself having to spread more fertilizer, and treat more disease in the lawn.  But this can all be alleviated by simply using organic fertilizer!

Which brand you choose doesn’t make much of a difference.  They all share a similar concept, which is to feed the soil.  Organic fertilizer contains the same basic nutrients as synthetic fertilizer, but relies on soil microbes to break it down and release them.  It is this process that improves the soil quality over time.  When there is a healthy ecosystem of life in the soil that is being fed by organic fertilizers, you will find that your grass will grow strong and vigorously, even better than grass fed by synthetic fertilizer!  It will also be more resistant to disease.

I’m not saying that you have to be 100% organic when deciding which lawn care products to use.  Insecticides, herbicides, and even synthetic fertilizers still have their place in lawn care.  I am simply recommending that that you give organic fertilizers a chance to improve your lawn!


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